The Awakening of Johnny Gosch

I have a disadvantage in telling you the truth about what happened to me because of the advanced forms of mind control that I was subjected to. The photo above is the smoking gun photo. These men are subjecting me to extreme trauma which causes neuro pathways to become blocked that prevent me from being able to remember the trauma that caused it. This natural self defense thing that happens in all humans, but easier in children than in adults where they have to use water boarding like what they are currently doing in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the detainees who are being turned into unknowing double agent by the same people that destroyed my childhood and who continue to destroy what is left of my life in the name of mind control.  That man is holding plastic wrap over my face and I have no memory of what that other man is doing but I can assure you that it was traumatic.

What is happening to me in this photo is otherwise known as Satanic Ritual Abuse, Monarch Programing, Trauma Based Mind Control and often leads to baby rape which this photo comes from a video of which is just another form of trauma that is commonly used by the U.S. government in there mind control programs that run in conjunction with there child sex rings that cater to the politicians like Franklin Bank of Omaha that victimized me or more recently the Pizza gate child sex ring in Washington DC, both covered up by the Government.

I ask all of you to help me stop this madness. There is no good that can come from harming children.

The Photo Evidence

The separation scar

Adam birthmarks Right side

Photo taken from Noreen’s site




My Amnesiac Barriers

These blocked neuro pathways are in effect amnesiac barriers that they use to place all the mind control programming behind these barriers which hides the mind control programming from the victims.

Criminal Hypnotism  is Mind control programming

I prefer to call “mind control programming” memory manipulation, because that is what it is. We are all the sum of our memories because all of our decisions are made based on what we preceve as our truthful memories.

My Personality Parts

I was subjected to many thousands of hours of memory manipulation where they used my many amnesiac barriers to separate my memories into different memory groups that are hidden from one another which has the effect of creating different personality parts that don’t know of each other or have any memory of each other.

It All Started as a Conjoined Twin Experiment

Because conjoined twin are born with the ability to know what each other is thinking and that this happens at a distance, after we were separated, we were further separated into two different families a thousand miles apart for research purposes. Most likely both mothers were never aware of the experiment. But they are both victims of memory manipulation as I was.

Anton Levey Kills my Brother Adam

Anton Levey was a friend of George Bush SR. and a liquor distributors son in Omaha, Nebraska. More on these two people to follow. When Anton killed Adam , I  Johnny was moved to Adam’s family and the abduction narrative was created to keep George Bush in line with the agenda.

My Brother and I

Me and Adam were about as identical as any two people  could be. Being identical twin and then having many of the same thoughts and brain activity our personalities were very close. To Further keep us identical we were made to unknowingly have each others personality programmed into each other using the above mind control from the earliest possible age and then made to switch places and families with each other many times as part of the experiment.

Johnny Replaces Adam

At the time of the Fake abduction I was moved to Adam’s Family and was made to become Adam using the Mind control system backwards, were My front personality became my altar and my altar was made to become my front personality. This was done by causing My Johnny personality so much trauma that he withdrew into the deepest parts of me to become a sub-personality that I have only become aware of about three years ago. And I realized that most of the memories that were emerging belong to Johnny. Much of the physical eveidence is on my Twiter here





The CIA’s Monarch Butterfly Mark

Our trainers at the ninth circle international child sex ring and sacrifice cult called it the Butterfly. The mark was used to identify the Monarch Children and to help prevent  us from the server mental and physical abuse that the elite pedo’s commonly inflicted upon the other children. They believe that the more fear and pain the child experiences at the child’s death, the more power the elite pedo will get from the child’s sacrifice. The CIA denies Monarch Program but it is very real. This Johnny Gosch abduction cover up is long and complex.

Because the hypno-robot Johnny me, played a supporting role in much of there plotting, including most of the cover up, and that while I was in trance, they talked about most things like if I would never awaken to these important memories. that point to the world being in much more danger than most think possible. To be safest, get the first responders vaccines with all the biological s, including small pocks. The cobble has the biologocals and t5here is little that can be done to prevent them from using them in the near future.

The Cobble’s plan to defeat the great awakening.

The plan is simply to vaccinate all government personal with guns to protect them from the biological attack that will follow. Reducing the world population to to a manageable size of about half a Billion that can be rockabilly controlled by the heavy police state that will automatically emerge along with the survivors , Then fake an alien invasion using the Tall Alien Greys who were created by the cobble and falsely named Aliens but are more likely simple biological robots just like the small grey’s they are in part made out of. Those of you that think they are going to need worker for the manufacturing plants, think wrong, that’s what the tall alien greys are for. Don’t believe any of there promises, all the lower rank are expendable

Hypno-Robot Johnny Me Visit’s Noreen Mom in 1997

While I was under the complete mind control by a  2 person programming team who’s leader was responsible for most of the Johnny Gosch Abduction cover up, I was made to First visit Noreen Gosch Mom for the purpose of helping the team get access to Noreen and playing a small role in the programming story line.erasing Noreen’s memories of Ted Gunderson telling her that he found me in South Texas, and making her react favourability to questions relating to Jeff Gannon who was introduced to stair the cover up’s attention away from South Texas.

FBI is now running the cover up

It is an absolute fact that the deep state that seem to dominates FBI is now running the cover up and preventing me from having any Justus and the FBI is protecting the CIA/deep state and the Ninth circle international child sex ring who the CIA supplies there quota of children to in exchange for membership.

When did the good guys become the bad guys and the bad guys the good?